Top Mysterious Places In India

1. Shetpal- Land of snakes

It appears that the snakes in this area are quite amiable. The absence of any reports of snake bites in this area makes it one of India's most enigmatic locations.

2. Red rain

In Idukki, Kerala, crimson rain began to fall on July 25, 2001, and continued intermittently for two months, staining both clothing and structures as it fell. When the residents gathered this blood-red deluge, it transformed into clear water with red particles at the bottom.

3. Village transformed in a swirling whirpool

A widowed devotee of Lord Shiva is said to have cursed the land, turning the settlement into this weird wasteland and a mystery location in India where the river Kaveri inexplicably changes into a churning whirlpool.

4.Jwala ji Temple

Jwalaji Temple This shrine's central pit, which is made of hollowed-out stone, has an eternal flame that has been blazing for more than a century.

5. Twins town

As soon as you enter this settlement, you'll see that practically everyone has a double! Currently, there are approximately 200 sets of twins and two sets of triplets living in Kodinhi.

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