Tourist Places Near Varanasi Within 100 Kms

1. Sonbhadra

Varanasi is 95.7 kilometres away from Sonbhadra, the second-largest administrative district in Uttar Pradesh.

2. Singhpur Sarnath

One of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites is Singhpur Sarnath, which is located 11.2 kilometres from Varanasi.

3. Chandauli

Chandauli, which is 59 kilometres from Varanasi and named after Chandra Sah, is a popular tourist attraction

4. Kaimpur

The Magadha Empire included Kaimur, a significant city located 97.4 kilometres from Varanasi.

5. Ramgarh Fort

It is situated opposite to Tulsi Ghat on the eastern bank of the Ganges, and Naresh Balwant Singh built it in 1750, ten kilometres from Varanasi.

Best Places To Visit In Varanasi