Haunted Places To Visit In Delhi

Jamali Kamali Mosque And Tomb

According to the people here the sounds of growling animals and strange sounds are calling them. Some have even felt chilly winds rush beside them.

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

People have experienced that they are being slapped and a sudden cold shiver runs down their spine. There have also been some reports of bikers and car drivers crashing into the pavement after seeing this ghost.

Sanjay Van

A sari-clad ghost is seen in Sanjay Van who stops people for lifts. If they stop, the ghost disappears and if they don't, the ghost follows them!

House Number W-3 greater kailash

According to people, they have seen things moving and heard sounds of banging. Some passers-by have reported hearing sounds of crying and laughter coming from the house.

Lothian Cemetery

The story of a headless ghost roaming here has scared people. Also, some people have heard sounds of galloping blood-soaked horses on full moon nights.

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