Famous street food in ooty

1. Tea & biscuit

Tea & biscuits: Ooty is well-known for its tea plantations, and both tourists and locals enjoy a hot cup of tea and some biscuits as a snack.

2. Ooty Varkey

Ooty Varkey is a must-try street dish in Ooty. It is a crunchy and delicious baked snack prepared with wheat and spices.

3. Mushroom Bhaji

Mushroom Bhaji: A tasty street food option in Ooty, Mushroom Bhaji is a well-known snack made of button mushrooms, dipped in a hot batter, and deep-fried.

4. Cutlet

Cutlet: A popular street food option in Ooty, a cutlet is a deep-fried snack made with either meat or veggies.

5. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is a popular street meal in Ooty and a must-try for non-vegetarian food enthusiasts. It is a spicy and tasty grilled chicken dish.

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