Bermuda Triangle Images - Explained Mystery

1. where is bermuda triangle

2. The Bermuda Triangle is a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic Ocean.

3. who found out ?

4. "Christopher Columbus first informed the world about the Bermuda Triangle."

5. Events related to the Bermuda Triangle

6. In 1947, an Army C-45 Superfortress mysteriously disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle.

7. In 1952 the British ship merged into the Atlantic. 33 people were killed, nobody's body was even found.

8. Where did the German plane go in 1997 as soon as it entered the Bermuda Triangle, nothing is known.

9. February 23- 2017: Turkish Airlines flight TK183 (an Airbus A330-200) was forced to change its direction from Havana, Cuba to Washington Dulles Airport due to some mechanical and electrical problems on the triangle.

10. Now Scientists solved its mystery

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